Complete Rear Garden Transformation | London

Our latest project located on the outskirts of London, involved a full-scale garden renovation, a challenge embraced by Global Drives and Patios with enthusiasm and expertise. This garden was once an overlooked space but has been transformed into a stunning outdoor garden area for the years to come.

We began with a clean slate, clearing the old and tired garden ready to start work on a fresh new space. Our team introduced a block-paved patio that promises durability and style, a design that complements the outdoor aesthetic of any modern home. The precise arrangement of the paving blocks adds a bespoke touch to the garden, always ensuring care and attention to detail is invested throughout the project.

The addition of fresh grass turf laid the groundwork for a garden revival, offering a vibrant contrast to the warm hues of the patio. To complete the transformation, we introduced robust fencing, providing not only enhanced security and privacy but also a polished look that borders the garden beautifully. A great finish to such a stunning new garden area for the customer.

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