Landscaping & Block Paving Installation | Chafford Hundred, Essex

This time we are in Chafford Hundred, Essex, where we at Global Drives and Patios rolled up our sleeves for a big job — to freshen up a well-loved garden. We got down to business, clearing out the old stuff to make room for a brand-new garden installation for the customers for the now and the future.

To begin we removed the old, worn-out tiles and cleared the garden area. The installation of a new block-paved walkway began, promising not only improved aesthetics but also functionality. The walkway was designed to lead the eye and the footsteps through the garden, from front to back all matching so that the gardens appeal immediately increased.

Secondly at the rear of the garden, we raised new areas with strategic brickwork, offering both a visual anchor and a practical solution for planting and decoration. Our choice of bricks and their arrangement reflects our dedication to detail and our desire to enhance the natural beauty of the outdoor space. Take a look at the before and after and how they reveal a garden reborn. The block-paved walkway, with its clean lines and durable construction, invites leisurely strolls or a moment of reflection. The lush new grass turf lays a carpet of greenery, softening the hardscaping and bringing a vibrant colour to the garden.

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